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How to fix a leaky faucet in the kitchen


First, turn off the water at the house line instead of just shutting it off to the faucet. Find the main breaker, turn it off, and then run water through the faucet until it is dry. This will prevent a fountain from forming when you open the faucet. Turn the water tap off again.

Access to the valve unit

Before doing anything else, place the strainer or plug in the drain. This will prevent small items from rolling out of the kitchen sink faucet into the drain and getting lost. After that, you need to remove the decoration from the top of the leaking kitchen sink faucet. To do this, pry it off with a flathead screwdriver or a knife. Set it aside to put it back later.

Now you can see the sealing nut, which you need to loosen with the adjustable wrench. Tape the jaws of the wrench to avoid scratching the kitchen faucet. Turn the wrench counterclockwise until the packing nut is removed and set it aside. Now you have reached the valve. Use the wrench to pull the valve out of the sink faucet.


If you turn the valve upside down, you should see the washer at the bottom. It is held in place by a screw. Remove the screw and take out the old, worn washer. Look in your selection of washers until you find one that is the same size. Place it on the valve and replace the screw so that the washer is firmly seated on the valve.


Slide the valve all the way back into the faucet and make sure it is seated properly. If it is not seated properly, water will leak out as soon as the water is turned back on. Take a few extra seconds to make sure it is seated properly. Then use the wrench to turn the seal nut clockwise. Be careful not to over tighten the seal nut. Replace the decoration on the faucet.


Turn the water back on and open the faucet to let the water run briefly. Turn the water off again and observe if the kitchen sink faucet still leaks. If not, you have solved the problem. If it does, you may have put in the wrong washer. Turn off the water, remove the faucet, and replace the washer with one that is the correct size for the faucet.

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