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When should i replace my old plumbing system?

Do you know when you should replace your old plumbing system?

How old is it? You shouldn’t replace the plumbing anything if it’s still working just because it’s old.

When your old plumbing system starts showing these signs:

  • When the water stops being clear

The water should be clear. So, when you turn on the tap and see that the water is of any colour but clear, this should raise a worried eyebrow. (However, this may be more common for those with well systems. Contact your local professional plumber and have the water tested immediately.) Water with a darker colour (a shade of brown) usually indicates some sort of corrosion of pipes.
When the water is conveyed through the hydraulic pipes, it can collect and transport all the rust present in the pipes. Not only is this water not good to use, pipes with rust are more prone to sediment and mineral deposits that accumulate inside the pipe. This will increase your chances of developing clogs, while also increasing the chances of pipe bursting; due to the pressure that can build up from the lack of open space in the pipe.

  • When the water starts to smell

Does your water smell bad? Well, it shouldn’t. Water with any type of odour could indicate an accumulation of bacteria inside the pipes. This could involve replacing some parts of the hydraulic system. A distinct smell that many people notice right away is when their water smells like eggs.

  • When you start noticing damage from mould and water

From time to time, water leaks may occur in pipes and plumbing systems. As long as you get them fixed in a timely manner, you should be fine. However, not all losses are so obvious.

Some leaks can remain hidden behind walls. The only way you will end up noticing these leaks, is when it is too late. And you discover a giant stain of brown water with mould. Or you will not notice it at all. As if it were behind the shower walls or under the tub.

When you notice a dripping pipe or plumbing, a brown water stain or mould, contact the emergency plumber immediately. The longer you leave the leaking pipes, the more damage your home will suffer.

The plumbing system does not always age as you would like. Especially in case you do not provide it with sufficient maintenance. So when you need to replace your plumbing hoses or systems, just give us a call! Call Cardiff Plumber on 02922550417.

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